2016 Beginners Course - Horsforth Evening Classes

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‘’Ever wondered what all the buttons and menu options on your camera actually do, or ‘’How you could make your holiday snaps stand out’’ or ‘’Produce better images to advertise your business or product’’ or ‘’Maybe your thinking of buying a new camera, but not sure where to start’’
Then why not join my Photography Class at ‘Horsforth Evening Classes’
September to December – Beginners Photography
January to April – Advanced Photography
May/June – Practical Landscape Course
The beginner’s course starts next Thursday Evening (15th Sept) at Horsforth School 7pm – 9pm.
The course covers … Types of camera and camera controls & menu’s, exposure, depth of field, types of photography, basic but important image editing tips, and composition techniques.
Whether you have an expensive or more basic camera the course contains hints & tips for improving existing images or taking better pictures in the future, by understanding how your camera works and how to get better results by taking control rather than using auto modes …
Cost £42 to enroll for each term, you then pay £3 (£2.30 concessions) each session you attend.